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 Hymen repair Surgery in Lahore

Hymen is membrane made of mucosa which is rich of  blood vessels present at the entrance of vagina. In Women hymen is considered a sign of virginity. Female Hymen can break due to many reasons most common is due to intercourse and may be also due to excessive sports activities. Hymen is considered a sign of virginity. if you are looking Hymen repair surgery in Lahore, virginity Hymenoplasty cost in Pakistan meet our surgeon. Hymen repair surgery (hymenoplasty) is done to give a natural virgin look by shape and by function. we are offering micro-surgical layered hymenoplsty (designed by dr Zameer  Plastic surgeon in Lahore since 2009) to provided  naturally healed hymen. For Hymen repair or reconstruction in Lahore, Hymenoplasty in Pakistan call us or viist our clinic


When you have do Hymen repair surgery

Best time to go for hymenoplasty is minimum 3-4 week before marriage hymen with hymenoplasty take 7 to 10 days to heals. we done hymenoplasty in local anesthesia. time duration for hymen repair surgery is maximum 60 minute

Care After Hymen Repair surgery

The patient will need 1 or 2 days to return to normal life after surgery for reconstruction of the hymen , although in this time you can walk without problems.  After hymen repair while the scars or marks that may remain are minimal and will disappear with in a week.

It is important to remember that after this hymenoplasty the patient should avoid any type of intercourse activity, heavy exercise , Jumping and fast running. You have to care  for at least 10 days to  one month after hymen repair surgery

Hymen repair surgery in Lahore, virginity Hymenoplasty cost in Pakistan

Hymenoplasty cost depends upon the type of Anesthesia, and type of procedure include like vaginia tightening hymen Revirgination. If hymen repair surgery is done in local anesthesia cost is less, in general anesthesia cost slightly increases. Hymenoplasty cost Paksitan depends after  the final consultation with Qualified Plastic Surgeon to book your appointment email us.

*Note: The information regarding hymen repair surgery  you find on this article has been developed to help you understand the general  principles of hymen repair surgery and thus be able to resolve you most immediate doubts. Results of hymen repair are mostly satisfactory.