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Breast Augmentation


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Breast Augmentation in Lahore

For those women who want to make their breasts stronger, they are not so slippery and look nicer, a good solution is surgical breast enlargement or mastopexy.  Breast augmentation in Lahore with a small scar is an operation, performed specifically by cosmetic surgeons for women who do not want to have prominent scars after plastic surgery and for such a procedure.  Breast lifting can restore the shape of the shape, it helps to regain the amount and shape of the chest that has lost its gravity. The operation prevents breast slip and, if necessary, improves the appearance of the arches and their location. Call to  our plastic surgeon or visit our clinic for Breast Augmentation in Lahore, Breast lift, Implants reduction, Reconstruction cost in Pakistan

Breast Augmentation in Lahore

Breast Reconstruction in Lahore

In many cases, women want to raise their breasts to correct hereditary asymmetry, if one breast is well developed and the other is not developed. Women whose breasts have been removed as a result of breast cancer treatment or as a preventive measure against the disease often want to rebuild their breasts. Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons specifically to restore breast appearance of these women with the same size and shape as they had before. A cosmetic surgeon can even reconstruct the nipple and the dark area around the breast

Breast implants in Lahore

If breast volume has been lost during childhood or during childhood, and if you want to make them thicker, during breast augmentation, implants can be inserted at the same time, increasing the size of the breast to the desired size. There are a lot of choices in the beauty world for women to solve the problem of small breasts, from agriculture to natural options such as fat transfer. A new type of implant has recently appeared in   breast surgery , called mutiva implantation. Breast implants in Lahore, Paksitan is a revolution in round breast implants. As it takes into account the individual aesthetic goals of the lady, and according to her personal needs

Breast lift in Lahore

Breast lifting surgery or asymmetric surgery can be performed at any age, however plastic surgeons usually recommend it when breast development is over. The breast lifting operation does not affect the subsequent pregnancy and the possibility of breastfeeding, as the mammary glands and nipples are not injured during surgery. Many factors may affect the shape of the breast, changing the shape and strength of the loss of magic, which was, and with the increasing size of the problem of slack chest and the skin of the chest had to be cosmetic surgery, the breast lift in Lahore Cosmetic surgeon to help all those who suffer from this problem, Surgery is one of the most famous surgeries, so do not hesitate to contact us and book your appointment. If you are suffering from this problem, our experienced medical team will help you overcome this problem and regain its natural shape.

Breast reduction in Lahore

By evaluating individual anatomical peculiarities and desires of a specific result, an experienced surgeon helps to choose the most appropriate method for breast reduction surgery in Lahore

Depending on the degree of breast slip, various cutting techniques can be used, but most often one cut is made around the breast anole, the next goes vertically from the breast arola to the lower scrotum and, if necessary, the third cut under the breast that embeds in the natural scrub.

Once the excess skin from the breast is cut out and the desired shape of the breast is formed, the arola and nipple position of the breast are in the highest position. Wound healing after breast reduction takes one two weeks, scars become more invisible over time.

In order to achieve a better cosmetic effect after breast reduction, one month after surgery it is recommended to wear special postoperative bras. It reduces swelling, improves the appearance of the breast and makes it feel more comfortable.

Because women naturally like beauty, some problems may affect self-confidence as well as those who suffer from large size of the Breast, not to mention the health problems that may face such as neck pain, shoulders and spine, and may sometimes cause cartilage in the neck,

Breast lift, Implants reduction, Reconstruction cost in Pakistan

We take care of your beauty and health. We have provided cosmetic Breast Augmentation in Lahore, Breast lift, Implants reduction,Reconstruction to get  rid yourself of all the obstacles facing your beauty and health with high quality health services and professional surgeons aiming to get the best results. To get information about breast augmentation  cost call us at: 0336-5111-808 or visit our clinic price will be final after visit

*Note: The information regarding Breast augmentation in Lahore that you find on this article has been developed to help you understand the general  principles of breast augmentation treatment and thus be able to resolve you most immediate doubts. Results after breast augmentation varies from candidate to candidate ant Breast augmentation  to treatment to treatment